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Monday, November 23, 2009

new moon

We went to the 'new moon' premier at midnight. Jacob is hot.

Mom made t-shirts again - mine is the BEST! click to enlarge pic and notice my name tatoo on my FAVORITE part of Jacobs body (well, my fave on any boy really!)

Align Center
we kinda got the crowd going for a picture!

Tammy Link made delicious red velvet cupcakes with vampire bite marks on them - i got a little messy with them!

Almost midnight! I am not a night owl, so I needed a nap before the movie!
It was a great movie. Jacob is hot!


Trey. What a foolish child. He thinks he can win in a pringle eating contest. Against me!
"How many pringles can you fit in your mouth Maggie?! I can fit 6!"
Oh really? Well, I can fit about 17. Amateur.

new car!

AH!! This is my beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, breath taking, radiant, stunning, amazing, fabulous car. Any fit, take your pick. Brand new 2010 Altima, dark grey, fully loaded, KILLER SOUND SYSTEM. Needless to say, my daddy loves me.

girls night

So. I don't have very many "girlfriends", but the few that I do have, are AMAZING(:
Me, Haley, Leighana, Carlie, & Lindsey all got together the other night and did some pretty crazy things. We went to Napoli's (yummy italian) & then went back to the house for dress up & dance parties. We all looked ravishing in our very well put together outfits. We decided we couldn't just let that go to waste, so we made multiple dance videos to the song YA! by the oh so sexy, Usher. We had SO MUCH FUN!
I can't seem to post the videos, i'll keep trying. My mom did manage to post a short dance video from another night on her blog - go to my sidebar, click on As for Me and My House and look under maggie's new car to watch.

I was just an improved batgirl, Haley was a she-wolf (notice the claws),
Leighana was a pretty hot 80's chick, Carlie was a high fashion banana, &
Lindsey was a punk rock cheerleader.

the HAHA game!

She wants me. I delivered.

These are my 2 very best friends. Can't you see why I love them?

my hot cousin, Lindsey

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The great hair debate!

I love my BFF Haley, but...

We are in the middle of a great debate with her over her hair.
She has naturally curly hair and feels the need to tame it by either straightening it or pulling it back into a bun everyday.
This drives me crazy!! I LOVES Haley's wild hair and would trade my straight hair for curls any day!

As a friend favor - Haley wore her hair curly for the posted BFF pic. (see previous post)
We tried to get her to wear it curly for just this week and see the response from her peers, but she refuses.

So - we are starting a bit of an internet poll.
Here are two recent pics of Haley - straight hair and curly hair.
Please leave a comment on which is your favorite at the bottom of this post.
If your computer won't let you, please text me or mom, send a face book message to one of us or a myspace message.
If the majority disagree with us about her fabulous curls, we will leave her alone - promise!
See previous post for two more 'curly/straight' examples.

P.S. Haley - I think you are beautiful no matter how you wear your hair, I just like to see more of your wild side!!!

straight hair


BFF Haley - part 2

This time - there was too much sun, and so much wind that the mosquitos wouldn't have stood a chance!
These will have to do!

caught trying to tame the curls - who were battling the wind!
we are very close friends!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

me & haley

This was one of those spur of the moment, 10 minute photo shoots - it was getting dark and there were ELEVENTY BILLION (thank you sean connery) giant mosquitos eating us alive - so we decided to quit and try again another day.
I love you Haley

Halloween night

A couple of friends dropped by on halloween and were not in suitable costumes, so I sent them to the dress up closet. This is how they came out!

Hobi - cinderella, Me - prositute, Zach - cheerleader, Corey - banana, Haley - batman
i just love zach's belly shirt! (that was my FOURTH grade cheer uniform!)

me and zach

Corey and Haley

me and my little brother, Tim

We came back home and played a bit of truth or dare. However - how I play it, Truth is not an option! I am not posting the funniest - most inappropriate pictures - as it would certainly ruin reputations!!! For all of you involved... you're welcome!

he was eating peanut butter, jelly, hot sauce and whipped cream!

we had to trade an article of clothing - we played it safe and went with shoes!

mix that hobi had to swallow - looks like vomit, huh?

oh wait - it IS vomit now!

I had to put on clothing from everyone - a couple of t-shirts, hat, belt etc.


me and hobi
dared to give haley a lap dance - my pleasure!!