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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Me and Billy Bomer

My friend Bubba is a country boy. So of course he's in AG. When I found out that he had a goat I just HAD to take pictures with it. Billy the Goat, (how original) was a very good boy and took great pictures!

Me & Bubs.

poor baby.

Ok. Technically this was my fault. But you would think that if someone waves their hand across & looks at you, that you're allowed to go right? You wouldn't think that this person would speed up once you started to go. What a jerk.

Tommorow Imagined - Publicity Shots

Joshua needed some pictures for his acoustic shows & music. So of course mom was more than happy to take them. His (fantastic) manager Trey decided to tag along.

my favorite!



For Family Home Evening, we made goodies for our neighbors.
Cookies, Rice Crispies, & candy. YUM!

Now the whole point of this is to put the plate of goodies on their doorstep and then run away so it is surprise for them. We leave a note that let's them know to pay it forward. The whole neighborhood ends up getting involved. SUPER FUN!

the great rubber band ball

Matt has no life. The life that he does have is sitting behind the desk answering phones all day. So he has time to make things like this. A whopping 9 inch wide rubber band ball.

me and haley.

She's just a girl. And I'm just another girl. Can I make it any more obvious?
(Uh. Does that sound like we're lesbians. Cuz we're not. Gross. I mean I love her & all. But eew.)

don't worry - its just a food baby!


Okay. So on my actual birthday I went to take the test. This is pretty much how it went.
Day 1.
1- Filling out paperwork with the awful lady at the desk.
2- She said I have to take a driving test. WHHHAAATT?!?!?! Since when?! I am not prepared! Law changed about a month before my birthday. Who knew?
3- Mean lady gets in the car & tells me what to do. (Who does she think she is?)
5- She yells.
6- She yells again.
7- I cry a little bit. But then try to man it up
8- She fusses at me for crying and being emotional behind the wheel. What does she know?
9- She says I fail. I decide she is NOT my friend.
10- Mom drives home because I am not a licensed driver.

Day 2! I am now fully prepared to take this stupid driving test. Just hopefully I won't get the same lady.......

1- OH NO! It's the same woman. I'm doomed.
2- I made her laugh. This is a good sign.
3- I parallel park, PERFECTLY. Too bad I don't live in Dallas.
4- Things go well. She compliments me. YES!
5- She says "You have passed." (in a flat voice as if it isn't a big deal).
6- I dance my way into the DMV for my license.

First drive alone! WOOT WOOT!
(Notice Haley's lion hat. It's pretty fantastic).


YES! Finally 16 years old. I can date, AND drive! What more could I ask for!


This is my puppy. I have had him since I was 6 or 7. I will still have him when I am married. And if my husband doesn't like a stuffed animal in our bed, then he will just have to go. Puppy's name is puppy. He is not a boy or a girl. Just puppy.

Sleeping with a stuffed animal at 16 is not immature or childish.

FHS Homecoming Weekend

Forney High School homecoming is HUGE deal. Not only do we have a game, but we have a dance, and a parade! Every class gets to nominate a Duke 7 Duchess for their class. And guess who won duchess?! OH YES! THAT WOULD BE ME! So not only did I have to attend the dance & the game wearing a dress, but I had to ride in a car at the parade! AWESOME!

Justin gave me a mum. Aw! It was so pretty!

For the homecoming game, I had to have an escort. And who was the lucky guy? Tommy Wright. Now dad was excited to be my escort and he looked very handsome. Thanks dad!

See the resemblance?

Tim & his girlfriend Michaela were so supportive and made a ton of signs with my name all over them! ..... The bottom says "You (finger pointing at me) are a star".

Standing on the football field.

So many people were there to support me! Justin's family of 5, The Flaishans, Nana & Pa, Michaela, a bunch of people from church & my family. Thank-you!

Oh the parade. I was so excited to ride on the back of my beautiful Lexus IS250 Convertible. (Thank-you Gordon Voss!) BUT, about 20 minutes before the I arrived at the parade, it started to rain. Not just drizzling, but a good solid rain. So instead of sitting on the convertible and waving like the duchess I was, I sat inside with my window rolled down waving. And I got the entire right side of my body soaked. Isn't that just my luck.

Haley was in the parade representing our high-steppers! Doesn't she look hot in that poncho?

Trey is in the band.

After the gloomy parade, everyone came back to the house for a delicious lunch! (The Larsens, Michaela, & nana, pa and papa).

Now for the dance. I was not looking forward to the dance at all & I planned to bail as soon as possible. Once me & Justin got there, we had a lot of fun! There were a ton of people there and the music was great! Good job Mr.Pouncy!

(See my corsage? Justin's so sweet!)

The Sophomore Duke & Duchesses.
Reggie Rideaux, Me, Haley Penn, & Clayton Chadwick.