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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hood Rat

So. Me & Carlie decided the other day that we should take some funny pictures .We decided that we should do hoodrat pictures. I, being the hoodrat, she being my gutterslut.
P.s. If you can't recognize me, I'm the one in the red coat.

My Friend Taylor Jeanne

This is my friend Taylor Jeanne. She is beautiful. Wonderful. And amazing. I love her a bunches. I don't get to hang with this lovely woman often, so we decided when she was over, to take some quick buddie pictures(: I Love You Taylor!

This one just makes me laugh. Aren't I lovely?


Oooh baby.

Haley's Braces

Haley finally got braces! Hahahahaha.
That's pretty much all I have to say. HA!


Sad on the way there.


Me and Haley - Summer 2009

Me & Haley do bff pictures every year. Just to see how we've changed ya know? Here are the ones from this summer.

This is my favorite.

Actually, this one is my favorite too.

a little swimmin'

There are some pics of me, carlie, & scotty swimmin.

Ah. rainboots are always fun.

YES! dunking scott(:

aw man.

i've been pumping the guns lately..

Mwahahaha. I'm so sneaky.

RAWR! (that's a monster noise)

Were 2 busty ladies.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini Vacation 2009

Every year during the summer me, mom, & Tim, take a little vacation to Nana's house with our BFF's, Zack & Michael. Here are some pics from our trip.

mani-pedi. the boys didn't want to at first. they were pressured into it.


it started raining & storming & there was dirt n stuff flying everywhere, so I, Maggie, built a fortress of protection.

ahh. i want a pig.

me, nana and stephanie

Me & Steph jammin to Dee-Lite in the car.

Our sunburns hurt. Real bad.

we LOVE solarcain!

little gus chillin on the beach

BFF Zack starting a war!

My space face is SO worth mocking!

Someone's Sexy.