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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Me & Carlie Michelle

Carlie is home from school, and she wanted a few pics of us together before heading back. We didn't have a lot of time, so mom just took us out to the side of the road (classy) and took a few. I like them!

New Years Eve - 2010

Our group:
Scott, Dave, Angelia, Me, Feifer, Ben & Haley

We started out eating at On the Border in Mesquite - then Dancing in Plano!

Later we met up with Leighana, Catherine & Daniel!

Scott wrecking our Girl Pic!

... at midnight!

Ben is a little bit in love with Brian - since Brian couldn't go with us to Plano, Ben decided we needed to stop by his house on our way home to wish him a happy new year!
In this pic - Ben and Feifer still had their shirts on...

Red Moon

It only comes around every gazillion years or so, so we thought we would stay up and watch it.

After a full day of six flags, and staying up the night before (because we thought it was happening a day earlier than it actually did!) we were pretty tired.

We were kind of disappointed.
It really was pretty and sorta cool - but at 2:30 a.m, out in the freezing cold temperatures, we would rather have been asleep in our warm beds!

still early in the evening - we were not sleepy yet!

Ben, Brian, me & Haley out on the trampoline waiting for the eclipse part to begin (around midnight) We were snuggled in our sleeping bags and covered in about six blankets!

Close to 3 a.m. I had just woken up!
This was taken right before we headed inside - the moon was red - big deal.

Holiday in the Park

We spent one of the days of our Christmas break at Six Flags! We had a blast - the weather was perfect and the coasters were even better!

Salt and pepper spoon that we made paid Scott to eat - he had to hold it in his mouth for one minute before swallowing - he got paid $5.90!

Brian, me, Haley, Scotty & Ben


Carlie's brother got married and mom shot a few pics of our little group at the reception...

trent, scott, dave, me, ben, greyson

add carlie!