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Monday, January 25, 2010

dealy plaza shoot... and the gangstas yo!

So jenni took some super sexy pictures of me a while ago in Dealy Plaza. We got some really good pictures in my amazing dress.! We were in the middle of taking a picture when a whole group of these ghetto children came up & decided to be in the pictures. If we told them no they could've shot us or something. So instead of trying to protect me from the guy that was putting his arms around me, jenni just kept on taking pictures like everything was okay. I could've gotten raped or something.! Thank goodness I'm alive.!


another favorite.

cam's baptism!

on january 10th cam became a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. FINALLY! he's been a member all along.

Scott baptized Cam. aw!

cam & amber

all the youth (:

justin & his super hot girlfriend.

carlie, me, & leighana.
leighana's super hot. just sayin.

me, leighana, & diana.

arty, carlie, me, & justin (:

Friday, January 22, 2010


So the other morning before school josh and trey decided to have an egg cook-off. trey put some vegetable oil IN THE PAN cooking the eggs (eew. gross.) & some other unmentionables. so josh knew his were going to be better. we all tasted some and decided that josh was the winner. they were super yummy. good job joshua.!

yeah that definitely looks like throw-up.

don't do it joshua! they're nasty!

hahaha! told you they were gross!

joshua's eggs. they were super yummy!

eggs all over his pants.

he didn't want to admit defeat.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bob the Bump

This is my Uncle Steve.
He has scar tissue above his left eye.
It's cool.

He let me draw on it.
It is no longer scar tissue.
It is now Bob the Bump.
I love you, Uncle Steve.
I love you, Bob.

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years eve.

new years eve dance. basically lame. BUT i was with justin & carlie so that made it basically amazing. one of my main friend requirements is to be able to randomly bust a move
at any given time. carlie & justin are experts at this. me & justin ended up leaving before midnight (because we're lame) but we had fun. we spent the rest of the night watching movies.
happy new year.!(:

hm. kind of looks like he's humping my leg.....

that's how they roll.

hey baby.

what can i say. i'm a foxy chick.

todd & me.

we couldn't wait until midnight to kiss.

Steph and Matt - Engaged!!

My cousin Stephanie and Matt are FINALLY engaged!

He proposed on Christmas Eve in Destin at our Family Reunion.
It was sweet that he did it in front of the whole family!

She cried & cried, & cried, & cried...
Stephanie is my only cousin on my mom's side of the family. I love her SO MUCH!!
I tried real hard not to like Matt (how could he be good enough for her?) but I can't help myself - I love him too!

Now, all of you that know me understand that I am not one to cry a lot, right?
Well, Steph and Matt had me crying like a baby! It kinda pissed me off, but everyone was crying enough that I wasn't the only loser!
My favorite pic of them - he peed his pants just a little!