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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve this year was so fun! Not only did a great family friend of ours win tickets to the Stars game & let me have them, BUT we were also able to play around like little kids with a ton of fireworks that we bought. Scott, Haley, & I had an awesome time at the game, and a bonus, we won! 4-2! & when I got home from the game Tim & his friend Zach waited with us until midnight to shoot of a dozen of tiny fireworks! It was a really fun night, a great start to the new year 2012!

HUGE hotdog...

December 2011


Gran & Papa's for Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve day, we spent our time at Gran & Papa's with the family.


Making delicious candy!

Lindsey, Gran, Tim, Papa, Me, & Rebecca!

Uncle Steve & Mark!

On the way to Grandma's for Christmas, Steve & Mark decided it would be a good idea to stop by and see all of us for a few days. I am so happy they did! Not only did Steve & Mark come, but so did their hilarious dogs, Mitus & Mimi! The few days they stayed were a lot of fun & we missed them so much as soon as they left! We love you guys!

Steve, Mimi, Tim, Me, Mark, & Mitus!

Steve & Mom!

West End with Sean & Drew!

Sean & Drew wanted to take Christmas pictures of themselves to give their parents for Christmas. I was going to come a long & do a photo-shoot of my own while we were in West End, but unfortunately I had a wardrobe crisis right before we left! So we ended up just taking normal picture of the three of us, and thankfully, they are turned out really good! The day turned out to be super fun, we were all pleased with the results, and both if their parents were more than happy with their gifts!

Rebecca Lynn

A few weeks ago the Gilmer Buckeyes had a playoff game here in Forney at our stadium, and our sweet Rebecca Lynn is a twirler for their football team. So of course, we just had to go and
watch her perform in her lovely bedazzled outfit! She did really great & it was awesome to get to finally see her over the weekend! We love you Rebecca!