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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

spring break 2010

Mom took me and Tim and a few of our friends to San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Port Aransas for a week during spring break.

Here are just a few pictures -

Justin, Tim, Carlie, Me and Ben

Me and Stephanie

Please see mom's blog (www.tjmtwright.blogspot.com) or my other blog

(www.jcl93.blogspot.com) for more photo's!

Monday, March 8, 2010

orchid island

This is Orchid Island - Vero Beach, Florida

and this is the house that i WILL live in someday!

justin is 17!!!

on saturday march 6th, justin turned 17. since i'm the best girlfriend ever i got him a giant present. couple shirts, some yummy candies, gift card, an amazing card, & i made him a cake. plus, i gave him Zoey. she is our love child.
happy birthday justin! i love you!

our happy family.

steph and matt visit

so steph & matt came down for tim's birthday weekend. we had some pretty good times. we went to eat.... made a pop rock cake... & had multiple dance parties. haha.

partying it up.

this is Helen the Hump. sister of Bob the Bump.

look how great me & matt were matching. isn't that crazy?

at tim's soccer game.


here's some random funny pics from my phone. i'll explain.

okay don't laugh. ya know when you have hardcore snot in your nose & then sometimes your snot will think it's funny to only chill in one nostril? well yeah. that's what was going down.
& i happened to be eating a sucker at this time. plus jenni was making me laugh.
so i had to plug up my snotty nostril so i wouldn't snot all over the car & so i wouldn't lose my yummy sucker. i think that its a pretty legit explanation.

um. in this picture me & justin are holding hands in the walmart parking lot. that's pretty normal. i don't see the funny in this?

i was supposed to be getting ready & i was sitting on my bed trying to decide what to wear. at this moment in time i was also very sleepy nite nite. come on. you know you've fallen asleep at least once instead of doing what you really needed to.

jenni made me try on swim suit bottoms. it was too cold to take off my shorts.
plus, look i hot i look with them on. BONUS.

like father like daughter. people tell me we look alike. i don't see it at all.

p.s. look at my sweatband. isn't it too legit?

tim is ten!

you're finally in the double-digits. whoah you're so cool. for tim's birthday he wanted a drum set. we spent his birthday evening at guitar center & his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.
the night was pretty sweet. we jammed out & we ended up on a date. (:
happy birthday bud i love you.

he's basically a rockstar.

tim & dad.

aren't we just the cutest kids?

can you see the resemblance?

hold my hand. we are now on a date.

let's paint.

me & justin painted my bathroom.! it was a blast. thanks for the help babe.

look on our blog for more pics.

snow shoot.

on the day that me & haley decided to be rebels & skip school, the only thing that convinced mom to let us stay home was if we agreed to take some really cool snow shots. (my idea. i know. i'm a genius. thank-you. thank-you.) some of them ended up really pretty. haley is absolutely gorgeous. these are my favorite pictures of her. i love you!

holy cow. look at her. this is stunning. the colors are great.
& her eyes are gorgeous..... jerk.

jutsin's favorite.

best shot of the day.!

san antonio roadtrip!

on saturday jenni was real bored. so we just decided to pack everything up & go to margie's house. justin & ben went with us. it was a pretty fun trip.
p.s.- i love justin.
just sayin.

check the justin and maggie blog for more san antonio pictures:

snow day.!

it snowed! in texas! and we still had school. can you believe it? well. since i'm a rebel, i stayed home with my best friend haley & we partied it up. then we went to scott's to play.
after "school" my amazing boyfriend justin came over & we played in the snow some more.
it was a great couple days.!

paha. look at charlie.

ah scott. i love you man!

josh :)