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Monday, July 5, 2010

We go together...

...like Shampoo and Conditioner!

Me & Justin always say that. So we decided to make shirts to let everyone know!

Love you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Greyson's service project

So Greyson had to do a service project. And since I'm just a good samaritan, I decided to help. We had to scrape paint off of a house & then repaint it.
We only worked for maybe 2 hours before it started to rain & we had to stop.
But we had a ton of fun messin around & playing with the tools.

me & greyson.

greyson, morgan, me, scott, & ben.

brother fell, greyson, ben, morgan, me, scott, caden, & tim.

oh your biceps are huge!


Dear Stephenie,
Thank-you so much for writing the Twilight series. Thank-you for acknowledging that there are such things as vampires and werewolves. Thank-you for telling all these girls that it's okay to obsess over them. Thank-you for Jacob Black. Please pass this thank-you along to Taylor Lautner, for his dedication to the pursuit of a perfect body. Please pass my apologies along to the Edward in the books. I'm sure that when you were writing his character, with all of his charm & refined good looks, you had no idea that the movie Edward would look like an emaciated cartoon frog. (It's okay Edward. Maybe you'll grow out of this phase). And lastly Stephenie, thank-you for all the hours spent reading the books, & having a blast at all the midnight showings.
Devoted fan, Maggie Wright.

7 on 7.

Because Justin is super manly & strong, he was picked to play 7 on 7 games for his school. Seven on seven is when the coaches pick the best 7 players on the team & then all the schools play to go to state. Justin's team is doing great & they are going to state July 8th & 9th!

6 months! already?

It has already been 6 amazing months with Justin Clay Larsen! I LOVE YOU!

For more pictures go to our blog, jcl93.blogspot.com

Florida with Haley!

So this Summer we decided to go to Florida. Surprise, surprise. But this time, I got to bring Haley. We were both totally psyched to get there & swim & ride roller coasters! The first place we stayed in was The Bay Lake Towers Resort. It was SO NICE! And me & Haley got our own room! The first couple days there was spent going to the parks and riding everyone's favorite ride.

We were scared!

Me & Haley with our cool bracelets.

Then we left Bay Lake Towers & moved to The Vero Beach resort! Which just so happens to be my absolute favorite! It was great. We got our own room again & it was perfect weather to be on the beach all day!

Since we were on the beach mom felt that she HAD to take nice pictures of us. Me & Haley and then some of me & Tim. Some of them turned out really great! Thanks mom!


So mom had to pick me up from church camp in Oklahoma. I had been gone for an entire week & I missed Justin like crazy! I was so ready to get home & see him. When we stopped just outside of camp to get a drink, I stayed in the car to wait for her. Someone tapped on my window & guess who it was?! JUSTIN! Ahh! I was SO surprised & excited. It made me so so happy. He drove all the way up with mom, just to surprise me!
Thank-you babe. I LOVE YOU!


Country vs. City

Me & Justin took some couple pictures the other day. Cowboy, & City. They turned out GREAT! For more pics, go to jcl93.blogspot.com

Love you!

Last Day!

Ah! last day as a freshman in high-school! Woot Woot!

Manly Stuff.

So dad needed help in the yard. The boys were up for it when dad said he would pay them. I just thought it was awesome seeing all the boys working while I was in the cool house doing nothing. OH! & Justin looked SO HOT!

Skip Day!

So every year we have a "Skip Day". We skip school to do something awesome. Well this year we decided to go to Six Flags. Me, Justin, Haley, & Jenni. It wasn't crowded at all & we had a great time! Thanks Mom!

Me & Justin playing Cowboy.

Best shot of the day.

You see the resemblance?


Spanish Avatar.

For our final in Spanish this year we had to make a video project. We had to speak spanish the whole video. We had probably about 4 weeks to come up with our idea. When the last week came around, we came up with "Avatar". Josh would be an Avatar, speaking only "Avatarian" & I would have to be his translator. Jonah & Shelby were going to be talk show hosts & they were going to interview an Avatar. The video worked out pretty great. We had a ton of fun paiting Josh blue & figuring out just how to speak Avatar. The class loved it & we got a 100! Yay!

Josh, Jonah, Me, & Shelby.

Me painting Joshua.

Just look at him. I couldn't help but laugh.

Practicing our lines.

The hosts.

Avatar (joshua) & his translator (me).


Lindsey & Rebecca came for the day to take some pictures.
This is the favorite of the day.

Lindsey, Me, & Rebecca. (:

Summer's startin!

I love swimming with Haley.

Dang i'm fine.