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Monday, February 16, 2009

TCU/BYU game

I spent my Valentines day at the TCU vs. BYU basketball game with some friends!
BYU won of'course!
That is where I will be going to college someday and I can go to ALL of the games!

amber, me, carlie

Valentines Social

Let me start by saying that I think middle school socials are gay - but being in student council, I had to go. It was actually kinda fun! Mom was a chaperon, so I have lots of pictures. After, we went to IHOP for a late dinner.

josh, me, haley, trey, kaleb

kaleb, haley, me, jimmy, landon, josh, trey

trey, jonah, tyler, kaleb, haley, me, josh

kaleb and josh

haley and me
me and Kaleb
landon, kaleb, me, trey, josh ... jammin!

me and perkins, aka Jacob

haley, me, josh, savannah

My new room

Every year I try to have an AMAZING birthday party - this year I chose not to spend money on a big party, but instead use it to re-do my room. It has been a work in progress since last September! I moved from my bedroom to the guest room, which is a bit smaller but has a bigger closet and it has the added bonus of my mom's craft room attached to it.
Mom moved her craft room to my old bedroom (she gained some square feet too, so we both came out happy) The craft room is now my living room.
I still have a few things to do to it - like put up the vinyl lettering on my wall - it will be my "i love..." list that is on the right of my blog - and I have to find something to go above my bed, but for the most part - this is my finished room!

this is the view from my couch

and the view from the door

my cool wall!
My favorite part of my living room is the magnetic wall! Dad hung sheet metal up on the whole wall so that I can put up all of those pictures my mom is always taking!

The best part of my bedroom is the walls - i LOVE the color! Turquoise is my fave!

Finger Art

This is my finger...I got bored in art ... so I painted it... It is Finger Art!!!

Snow Globes from Daddy!

So, since I was little my dad has bought me a new Disney snow globe for special occasions - birthdays, christmas, even for the first day of school each year! I have collected so many at this point, I can't even have them all out! Here are a few of my favorites:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Me & Josh!

Ok, so mom and Stefanie are taking pictures for a wedding and they needed a boy and a girl to test out lighting and positions. Of course, they picked me and Amber. We had to pick "grooms" so I picked my friend Josh and she picked Camie. As "couples" we had to match. On Saturday Josh showed up at my door in UBER SEXY white, yes white, skinny jeans, a white shirt, a red clip-on tie, and a bright blue Michael Jackson jacket!!! I was wearing my jeans, a white shirt, and my AMAZING sexy jacket!! We had to be the hottest couple in the world!! In all our pictures we had to pretend to be madly in love, cuz after all, we were getting "married!" Some of the poses were really hard to do cuz we had to look each other in the eyes and I kept laughing!! It was really fun! Even tho we were doing "wedding" picture some of them turned out really cute!!!

josh proposing to me!!

me & josh

we were supposed to look each other in the eyes like we were
in love
and i couldnt do it! i kept on laughing!

me & josh looking at our "wedding" rings

notice how he is in focus in one, and she is is focus in the next? So cool!

camie and amber...it's new!