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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The boys

Our purpose in going out to the Binghams ranch was to shoot some pics of me and tim - but since the boys were all there, we ended up getting a lot of our little group - tim was too busy playing with the horse whips to pose for mom!

I love these boys!
Scott, Dave, me and Ben


Every year we do several shoots that go against who I really am - just for fun - for instance, we have done punk, biker chic, rocker, poison ivy etc.

The last two shoots have been very girlie - a downtown fashion shoot and a shoot with a few friends dressed up in party dresses - not clothes i would ever feel comfortable wearing in real life, but i like how the pics came out!


Downtown Dallas Dart Rail Station


I was being a pigeon - scaring him out of moms shot!

Scotty has a swimmers body!

We drove out to Mansfield to support Scott at his last meet - He broke his personal record - YAY SCOTT!!
It was probably all of our screaming from the stands that motivated him - what would he do without us?

Tim, Brian, Me, Dave, Ben and Scotty

The swim team yelling from poolside - he is in the closest lane

the long car ride home


after my first tournament for FHS
mom baked me a golfball cake!

Michael Trammel and I shared it while we chatted!

a mini snow shoot

you all know mom - she FORCED us to take snow pics this year - we weren't really feelin' it, so we didn't stay out long - but i like how the pics turned out!

haley is a dinosaur - RUUUNNNN!!!

this was THE BEST part of the shoot - haley tried to get back up this little hill and kept sliding down over and over! She couldn't get traction at all - she ended up on her butt!
don't worry tho - the xrays later showed it was just a really bad bruise!


Snow days are awesome... for about a day.
Much more than that and I want to gouge my eyes out.

me and bff haley

me and my boy, charlie

me, brian and haley

we made valentine crafts to help pass the time

two hour delay

so we have been having snow days around here, and today the snow has backed off enough that we can head back to school - but just to be safe, there is a two hour delay. which is stupid - we should just stay home for the entire month to be safe, if you ask me!

Anyway - mom made a breakfast buffet and we invited everyone over.

breakfast burritos and pancakes and chocolate milk...

french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon...

and pupparoni treats!

Ummm - I ate too much and I feel sick. I probably shouldn't go to school.

me & tim

this is us trying to get a good Christmas card photo. tim is pretty cute.