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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ambers Graduation

Amber Lee Flaishans has graduated!!!
Yay, Amber! Carlie, Me and Zack before the ceremony
Amber and Cameron
Our little group
After the ceremony - doing a little parking lot posing

My BFF, Zack

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camie's pool party

On May 18 Camie turned 16! He's a big boy now so we decided to throw him
a lil party. We invited the MC and their families and we all went to the pool for swimming, cake, and presents. We had a blast!

Me & Camie

The whole group.

Me & Amber. Mmmm delicious.

Me & My Love Taylor.

Scott decided that since I was small it was okay for him
to throw me around in the pool. NOT okay!

Dad throwing Nana in!! Aaaah!!

Me & Tim

Ben, Carlie, & Grant Gilbert

Zack & dad.

Perkins & Scotty

Camie & his sister. Aaaw.

Cameron & Amber

Me kissing Carlie.

Scott got cake on Camie. He doesn't look too happy...

Payback Time!

Camie, Amber, Scott, Me, & Carlie

Monday, May 25, 2009

8th grade celebration

So as 8th graders at the middle school we got to go on a field trip. We went to some ranch as a huge group. We had to take like 50 billion buses to get all of us there. We spent the whole day there. We had a lot of fun! But then again, anything is better than school.

Sarah, Tyler,Josh, Me, Haley, & Savannah

Me & Corey


Tyler & Me

Me, Haley, and Sarah

Me & Josh

Kaleb, Me, & Haley

Cupcakes and Carlie

This is Carlie. Carlie and me are like 2 peas in a pod. Peanut butter & Jelly. Fat kids & cake. The other night we were both at home being losers so we decided to hang. I was having a MAD craving for cupcakes all day so we went to the store and bought 3 different kinds of icing, sprinkles, dye, & cupcake mix. We probably made a total of about... a billion chocolate cupcakes. Me & Carlie had lots of fun. We get along great. I mean, she knows how I feel about cool riders and she understands why "I never say no to guacamole." I love you Carlie!!
Me & Carlie decided that our snack while we were baking was going to be the chocolate chip icing. It was goooood.

Lip stick is hard to put on without a mirror huh?

Is there something in my teeth?

I never say no to guacamole...

So I made Zack this killer cupcake! It had sprinkles! But not just any kind of sprinkles.. DINOSAURS!!

Here is some of our favorites.

So the fight begins...

It's okay. Were still friends.

My Lil Bro

So the other day I was thinking about my blog and I realized somehting horrible. I have never blogged about my fantastic little brother. Tim is 9 and he's in the 3rd grade. He's really smart like his sister. Also VERY good looking. (again, like his sister.) He's is very funny & witty. He kicks butt at basketball. He loves animals and video games. And he is really fun to hang with. He is pretty much my favorite person in the whole wide world. I love you Tim!

Mom's children. Tim, Me, & Charlie.

Tim. He's pretty darn cute huh?

My Boys

Okay, so as you know ,these are my boys. They have been since about the 3rd grade. We have taken "Maggie and her Boys" pictures before but we've all changed a little since then and decided that we needed some new ones. Here are some of the really good ones... and by the way, my jeans were AWESOME.

This is the groups favorite. Everyone who saw it
said that we looked like a band.

Another "band" picture

Silly boys.

Trey, Me, and Josh

Me & Kaleb. Aaaw.

Trey & Me

They all thought my feet were really soft. hehe.

Kaleb, Me, Josh, & Trey

My butt.

I really liked this one

Me & Joshua. Aaaaww

Me killing Kaleb. So nice.
Josh & Me

Kaleb was being manly. NOT.

Me & Josh again:)
I love My Boys.