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Monday, April 27, 2009

zack is broken :(

So, Zack broke his wrist playing football at church two weeks ago. He had a soft cast and a splint for a while, but now that he has had surgery, he has been given a hard cast - finally! Paint pens, here I come!! An artist at work! He is watching - in awe of my amazing doodle abilities!

me and my 'gimp armed' friend!

The masterpiece!

Spring Show Night

We attended the Forney Highstepper (drill team) Spring Show tonight. We went to watch some girls from church - particularly, Carlie . Then after the show mom took us out to eat in Mesquite. Yummy...Johnny Carinos!

Camie, Amber, Carlie, Me, Zack

Camie, Amber, Me

Jammin' in Amber's car

The MC (minus Scottie)

See Food!

Camie's One True Love!!

Carlie licking my face with her turtle cheesecake tongue!

First swim of the year!

In the summer, swimming is a DAILY thing for us. So the very day the pool opened, we were there, freezing our butts off. Did we care it was cold? NO! The pool was open and we were excited!! Here is some pics of the first swim of the year!

Me & Haley


Riley, Tim, & Kailey

Trey, Me, & Josh

The water really wasn't that bad, but Trey was shivering!

Me & Trey

Me & Zack

This is a picture of Zack licking my foot. Yeah....

Trey & Josh

Trey & Josh, just out of nowhere, decided that they wanted to go streaking. Well, in their underwear at least. So this is a picture of them running across 548 in their underwear.

Another picture. In this one, Trey kind of looks like an old man. Hehe


So.... how to explain this? This is Kaleb.
He came over the other day and we were just messin around the
house and some pretty hilarious things
went on and mom just had to document it all. Enjoy(:

In this one, Kaleb had just fallen over the couch attempting a cool ninja move.
He failed and I made fun of him.

Me & Kaleb


Were VERY attractive people.

Oooh... more attractive pictures

So, in this picture, I was just sitting on the couch, drinking my Chocolate Malt & txting, when Kaleb comes up behind me and attacks me with a roll of tape!!

This is Kaleb, proud of his work, & me taped to my malt

Raaawwwrr!!!! I was being the Hulk trying to get it off.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cookie Fundraiser

For church, to raise money for the youth trip to Nauvoo, Illinois & girls camp, i started a cookie fundraiser. Every saturday/ sunday morning i would bake about A THOUSAND cookies. Cookies are gross. I hate them.

Total Cookies Baked= a billion.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So I have had my braces now for about... hmmmm... oh yeah, FOREVER!! I finally got them off 4/14/09! Here is a before and after picture.

Before... (here it comes...)

After! Tah-Dahh! This is a pic. of me and Dr.Harris(:

Yummy Bagel

Alright. I know what you're thinking. This looks disgusting right? WRONG. This is a chocolate chip bagel from Panera. Yummm. Mom brought it home for me as a surprise. When I got home & saw it, being the Panera lover I am, I immediately attacked the bagel. I also like experimenting with food, so I was looking for some sort of topping to out on my chocolate chip bagel. Like cream cheese to a normal bagel. My bagel needed a friend! When I opened the fridge, what did I see?! A bowl of triple chocolate cake batter I had made by accident the day before. So, I covered that bagel with batter as if I was frosting a cake! Yummm.... DELICIOUS. That bagel was gone in minutes.

Here is a picture of my healthy creation

Ahhh yes... my favorite snack.

Gotta... have... every.. last bit!

I caught this woman in my room with chocolate on her face!! She said she didn't do anything. LIE!!! She is a thief. SHE CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Photo Shoot with the cousins!

I don't get to see my cousins very often. So whenever they are around mom always has to take pictures. Here they are!

Lindsey, Me & Rebecca

Me, Lindsey and Rebecca waiting to cross the street.

just me:)
Rebecca... ahhhh stunning.

Lindsey won the BEST picture of the shoot! Gorgeous!

just me

Beautiful Lindsey.


just chillin

The other night my boys came over and we were just watchin t.v. in my room and mom took some pics

Trey, Kaleb, Me & Josh

i <3 my rainboots

I LOVE THE RAIN. Not because of the actual water, but because I love wearing my rainboots!! This day it was pouring and mom had just picked me up from school. Her idea was to get me home and changed really quick so that I could go out and take pictures while it was still raining!! It was so much fun!!!

me & my boots

eeeek!!! it was so cold!!

amber & her boots!

amber & me under the umbrella!


haha. me & amber